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Big Dragon E9800-V LED Shooting Chronograph

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Please read the meanual carefully before using.
Function: this instrument to test the firing rate and firing bullets, the gun muzzle velocity, firing distance special emission energy.
Speed range 0-3600 / min (0 - 60 / sec)
The velocity range of 2 to 1000 m / S (7 to 3281 ft / sec)
Emission kinetic energy 0-10000J
1M height range of 0-400 m (1250, 0 ft)
Accuracy: the test error is less than 1.3%
Charge voltage: 5.0V DC
Working temperature: - 10 to +50 DEG C
Dimensions: 96 X 94 X 40 MM (not including channel)
Instrument weight: 280 G
The instrument can install standard camera tripod
Three, the use of operation
Speed operation instructions:
● switch / select key button ▲ up/display key about voltage  down / enter the menu key
Boot: press and hold the key  2 seconds, open the equipment, showing screen shown in Figure 1 page, press  button can be in 1, 2, 3 page switching, as shown in Figure 2, 3. In 1, 2, 3 pages long press button ▲ to display the voltage of the battery charging or animation, as shown in figure 4.
Turn off: press and hold  the key ●  3 seconds can turn off it

Name Big Dragon E9800-V LED Shooting Chronograph

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